• Anthony Little
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  • August 05, 2017
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This week we're featuring a Pegoretti Responsorium in the black with green stucco paint scheme. The interesting this is that we have had a a few of these frames here for the past year and even though they are beautiful to look at we have not been too successful in selling many in this paint scheme. But within a day of building this bike it looks like it will be hard to keep what few we have left in stock for very long. Sometimes it's just hard to see how a bike will really look when it's hanging unbuilt on the wall. Of course, using the right mix of parts and colors is key as you can make a gorgeous frame pretty hideous rather quickly if you choose wrong. But for this one, I think we chose correctly and the bike is absolutely stunning. Everything from the wheels, to the Fizik cockpit and the Campagnolo group look like it was made for this frame. This is also a very good time for fans of this particular bike as we have a good number ready to be built. Usually you are looking at 6 months at the least to get a frame from Dario but right now we have 12 of these frames with the green stucco panels and 5 left in the orange panels. If you have been looking at getting a Pegoretti and you like the way this bike looks let us know. We have a 49cm, 50cm, 51cm, 52cm, 53cm, 56cm, 57cm, 58cm and 60cm available with the green panels and a 52cm, 53cm, 55cm, 59cm available in the orange panel. The complete bike pictured here is a 54cm and is ready to go. We can of course change the build and use Super Record or Chorus components and you may prefer a different depth rim, but as you'll see in the following pictures, the bike looks amazing and I wouldn't change much… IMG_4654 For steering duties we chose the Fizik Bull R1 handlebar because it has the cleared finish over the carbon which matches the black finish of the frame. Fizik has two other bar options with different shapes, drop and reach that we can use to fit your preferences as well. There is also the R3 aluminum version or the ultralight 00 though we feel the R1 finish is the best for this application. Stems are available in length from 70mm to 130mm and in a 7 degree or -20 degree angle. We used Fizik black microtex tape. As you will see here, the Vittoria Open Corse 25mm tires are a little tight up front so we'll be using the 23mm version for all future builds. But on a wider rim, the 23mm tire is a great option as well. IMG_4650 As with the bars, Fizik offers many saddle you can choose from. This is the Antares 00 and has been our most popular saddle for the past 5 or so years. But if you prefer we can use the Aliante which is all new for 2015 or the Arione. Both the aluminum and this carbon Fizik seat post will match the bike perfectly. IMG_4667 Given the choice we'll use the single pivot rear brake from Campagnolo every time. It's easy to lock the rear wheel and we're not looking for outright stopping power on a road bike. Plus it's lighter and simper. IMG_4688 Detail of the green Stucco panels. This picture shows it off very well but in person its on another level… IMG_4693 We really like the new Campagnolo crank and it is nice to only have to own one crank to run a wide variety of gearing. Though that being said how many of us still change the gearing on our cranks anymore? For our stock bikes we run a mid compact (52X36) set, when used with a 12X27 cassette will work perfectly on the flats, descents and anything but the longest and steepest passes. IMG_4694 Dario Pegoretti. Responsorium. IMG_4712 IMG_4713 IMG_4715 Details courtesy of Derek. IMG_4675 DSC01645 We'll be building up this black and orange Responsorium soon and are sure that it will be as stunning as the black and green one. Give us a shout if you are interested, but numbers are limited and these won't hang around forever so don't wait too long! If you happen to be in the area it's worth seeing this in person, but if you are not lucky enough to live locally we sell bikes all over the world and are more than happy to help you with one of your own. Thanks for reading!


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