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  • August 07, 2017
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This edition of Bike of The Week is a double feature on two project bikes we've recently built up.

When you think about stock bikes, what usually comes to mind are the OEM packages that bike manufacturers spec their bikes with so bike shops have ready made complete bikes to show and sell on their floors. Usually that means a mix of no name third party components and not even a complete build of the grouppo they claim to be built with. Usually quite boring and ready for upgrades out of the box.

To us, "stock bike" should just mean that the bike is on the floor and ready to go, and should never be an excuse for a compromise in build. While it can be fun to pick and choose every detail of a new bike, we wanted to offer up what we see as a perfect build and take the guesswork out. With that in mind, we took on the project of building up two of our own stock bikes to make available for sale on our showroom. We started with two Pinarello Dogma F8 frames, both with their own unique custom paint, and paired them with our ideal build kits (one Shimano, one Campagnolo), and make the ultimate dream bikes ready to go. Oh and the underlying theme being fast, fast, fast...

Let's start with the Shimano bike.



While Pinarello has a fairly deep offering of available paint options, we wanted to do something a little more unique. For this bike we went through Pinarello's in house custom paint program. It maintains the existing graphic layout of their stock versions, but we chose the crisp white as a base and the impressively pretty blue to accent it.


We love the smoothness, precision, and feel that Shimano has perfected with their Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical group. Di2 is phenomenal but the mechanical group still shifts a bit faster and offers a little more tactile feed back at the lever from shift to shift.


The Pro Vibe carbon bar and stem match the stiffness of the F8, aesthetically blend well with graphics on the frame, and of course tie in with the rest of the Shimano build. With all out speed being the theme of these bikes, we built this bike with the Dura Ace C75 tubulars.


As it sits, we are selling this  pure bred race bike for $10,909.54.

Now on to the Campagnolo bike.



While the stock Dogmas are fantastic for that team issued race bike look, we had visions of something different. Since what we were dreaming of didn't exist, we sent the bike off to the painters and made it ourselves.  What came back was a clean, classy, minimalist bike where the paint let the curves of the bike speak for themselves. All white, sparse logos, and just a few small splashes of orange; exactly what we wanted. With this being the only Dogma F8 in the world like it, we knew we had to build it proper.


Without question this bike needed Campagnolo Super Record EPS. There is a true magic to how EPS performs. Every bit as smooth and precise as Di2 but with a much nicer positive feel to the shift buttons, faster gear changes, and an undeniable Campagnolo sexiness.


When it comes to deep section wheels, nothing can compete with Lightweight Fenrwegs.  The same famed performance and quality of the Meilenstein but in more aero and aggressive package. These wheels are as fast as they come and the black on black decals are the perfect complement to the custom painted frame. To finish things off the bike is built with a Deda Superleggero setm, Deda Newton shallow classic bend bar, and Fizik Arione 00 saddle.

As you see it here, we are selling this one of a kind dream bike for $17,098.49.

We are very excited to offer these one of a kind Pinarello's. Both bikes are available now as you see them, though we are happy to be flexible on the wheel selection. For any questions feel free to give us a call or email, and of course come on by the shop to see them in person. With that, we'll leave you with a nice little photo dump of both bikes.













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