• Anthony Little
  • August 05, 2017
  • journal, Uncategorized

Have to be honest here, we really have not sold too many Brooks saddles in the five years that Above Category has been around. Not that we don't think they are great, if not some of the best saddles made. Thing is, they don't really go with the bikes we build. Sure, it may be nice on a Pegoretti Luigino, or a Cielo, but that is more the exception rather than the norm. I feel the part of the saddle that you sit on is too far up from the rails and as such you have to lower the post quite a bit and unless you have legs the length of Andre the giant that is not the look we are really going for. Now, all that being said, I am really looking forward to building a Moots VaMoots w/ Brown King and a dark brown Brooks saddle and tape which I'm really hoping will be exactly what I am looking for!

And yes, Brooks does do tape. And even better, they have re-done it. It is now much flatter so it does not look ribbed across your bars and comes in a lot of custom pleasing shades now. We will definitely be sourcing some of that as well. But what we want to talk about and show you is this:

The new backpack, the last one you'll ever need

Brooks leather bags and backpacks. These are absolutely gorgeous. Hand made and very practical. And beautiful. We'll be carrying a few select models here soon and encourage you to come and see them in person and see what we are talking about. We will also be offering them online as soon as we get that site up... Until then, give us a call if you are not that close to us and we'll get one sent out right away.

The front of the back pack reminds me of an Army issue parachute, minus the reserve...

My next task here is to design a city bike around this bag and basket. No joke, it's going to happen soon and it will rock. This is the Camden Tote Bag and the Hoxton Wire Basket.

The do anything, take anywhere duffel bag, Brooks style. This is the Hampstead Holdall. It can be worn over the shoulder or attached toe the rear rack of a bike, or become the last carry-on piece of baggage you'll ever need again. This is my number one favorite piece...

The Barbican Leather Shoulder Bag in black

And in Brown...

So, you'll be seeing a bit more Brooks in the shop soon and we are very excited for it. Maybe even a saddle here and there if the bicycle calls for it? For more information or to purchase, give us a shout!