• Anthony Little
  • June 07, 2008
  • journal
Curt came to us looking for a new tri bike for the season. He has recently taken to the sport and is competing in the San Jose Triathlon tomorrow, the Kansas Half next weekend, and is looking forward to Vineman in a month. Curt opted for the Pinarello FT1, which comes completely built up and "ready to go." Some of the stock components, however, leave a lot to be desired. So we strip it down and rebuild it with some important improvements.

Chad begins stripping down the bike.
The standard Pinarello bars are heavy and clunky. They'll go.

Cables will be rerouted too, as they will be attached to the new bars.
A lot of bikes arrive from the factory with excess paint around the bottom bracket. Chad "faces" the bottom bracket to remove this paint and create a clean and even surface.
The facing tool shaves off paint one side at a time.
Next, new Vision aero bars, brakes, and base bar go on.

Curt is using the Reynolds DV46 Clinchers for the San Jose tri.
The complete rebuilt bike. Behind the FT1 is a Montello, and you can see the differences in design between Pinarello's Time Trial bike and their Triathlon bike. Even after all our modifications, upgraded parts, and labor, the complete FT1 comes in cheaper than just a Montello frameset. We're huge fans of this bike for its high performance at a very palatable price.
Another view of the completed FT1. A silver FT1 is on deck behind Curt's red one, showing how these pre-built bikes arrive all wrapped up and waiting for some serious attention.
And finally, after much eager anticipation, Curt takes his new ride for their first spin. In spite of our urging, Curt wouldn't wear his aero helmet around the block.
Congratulations on your new bike Curt! And good luck with the rest of your season!