• Anthony Little
  • May 06, 2010
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We had the pleasure last Sunday to hang out w/ our good friend Leanda before and after the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. Leanda is in great shape this year and was looking forward to a big test and an attempt at winning the event for the 3rd time, something that only has happened one other time. Here is a quick photo essay of the day. Thanks to Kalara for all the pics and suffering through all the vip access that Leanda arranged for her!

Little before 7am Sunday morning. Looking like it'll be a pretty nice day...

Leanda looking pretty calm eating breakfast w/ former Escape from Alcatraz winner Becky Lavelle and her husband.

Well, it wouldn't be called Escape from Alcatraz if it wasn't for uhmmm, Alcatraz...

Again, Leanda looking pretty relaxed, about 10 minutes before the race. Game face any second though!

Nice shot Kalara! Leanda is either the first or second pink cap...

Coming in off the bike tied for the lead. Rode the Pinarello FT3 w/ Easton wheels. In my opinion at least, the nicest looking bike in the field.

Seconds after her 3rd win in the event, talking to the announcer. Close race, finished about 30 seconds up on 2nd place.

Top spot on the podium!

And more interviews...

Leanda and the Pinarello FT3. Again, super sweet rig. Somewhat windy, pretty hilly and curvy, the course was perfect for the somewhat shallow wheels, compared to a disc anyway. The Easton wheels are awesome and worth a try for all racers, road and tri.

And one last shot in the new kit that Leanda designed. Awesome work on the race win and #3!