• Anthony Little
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  • August 05, 2017
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Talk to ten cyclists and you’ll get ten heavily opinionated and contradictory rants on nutrition. With stacks of scientific data trying to prove each supplement or diet, it is most definitely a heated discussion. While I’m sure I could stand to be better educated and informed, I simply rely on experience and trial and error and let my body decide for me what works and what doesn’t. One product that I’ve really come to rely on over the years is Synchro Genesis. Synchro is a protein packed shake mix that is great both before a ride and after as a recovery supplement.


There is a laundry list of reasons why I’m a fan of Synchro. For starters, it’s local. Graham, the creator, has long been a figure in the local San Francisco riding scene and when I discovered he was working on this stuff, I knew I had to try it. From my first packet I was hooked.


As a vegan athlete I know how hard it can be to find quality nutrition products and supplements. Synchro is 100% plant based and uses only top quality ingredients.


In the morning, I like to mix it into a shake. Throwing a mix of fruit, some almond milk, maybe some peanut butter, and just a touch of some kind of sweetener into the blender and I’m ready to hit the road for a day full of riding.


During the racing season, I’m traveling all over the place, sometimes twice a week, and need to bring food that can sit in the back of the car or be stuffed in a bag for long hours at a time without getting nasty when I need it after the race. I just toss a scoop of Synchro into a zip lock back and bring a little pre packed carton of almond milk. After the race I dump them both into a blender bottle. Exactly what I need to hold me over until I can get a proper meal. ( Pro tip: adding in an extra vanilla or chocolate energy gel to the mix can be quite nice as Synchro on it’s own can be a bit bitter tasting.)


It should go without saying that no supplement can take the place of a good whole food diet, but supplements like this can mean the difference between an average day on the bike and a fantastic one. While Synchro Genesis is the staple of my cycling nutrition plan, there are a lot of other great products out there like Skratch Exercise Hydration Mix for during exercise and Osmo Acute Recovery (but we’ll cover those in separate journal pieces in the future). It might take a little trial and error for you to find your nutrition nirvana, and I recommend that you keep trying different products until you find what works best for your individual needs…but starting with Synchro Genesis could be the best place to start.




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