• Anthony Little
  • August 08, 2017
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Here are a few shots of a Pegoretti Love #3 that we had some custom work done to. The guys and gals at Spectrum nailed the fork perfectly, from matching the off white of Dario’s frame to the artwork itself. This takes the aesthetic of this bike to the next level and there is going to be one very happy cyclist in Tennessee riding around on it this spring!


The complete frame set. You’d never know that Dario didn’t do the fork as well…


Color match on the individual colors was spot on with the frame…

Dario Pegoretti set inside the fork leg is a nice touch…

Even the font is a match!


Projects like this are something we’ve been doing for a long time. Reading through our old blogs is a great way to see some of the things we’ve been doing. We are curious to see what Dario has up his sleeve with his new fork regarding finishing. We’d love to see him paint the forks to match his frames in house as designing the artwork, shipping the frame (for color matching) and fork to our painter is neither easy nor cheap. But the end result is worth it! Thanks for reading and give us a shout to see what we can do for you.



Pegoretti Love #3 custom front end

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