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  • August 05, 2017
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We’d like to consider the Dogma F8 Pinarello’s “Empire Strikes Back” magnum opus, a shocking revelation even after the initial brilliance of the Dogma 65.1. It’s an apt metaphor after the calculated, even mechanical domination of this year’s Tour by Team Sky’s imperial demeanor. Calm under pressure, it’s the pinnacle of what we think a Grand Tour race bike should be. Balanced, light, lithe, and as confident from the gun as it is at kilometer 140 in the break when our legs begin to wilt. We recently found ourselves back aboard the dauntless Dogma after a few weeks on our bespoke ferrous bikes, and we were reminded of its resilience. Planted, firm, sanguine, eager to devour miles of the road and hours of our day. But, as with all things under our roof, the Dogma has that extra something many of its competitors don’t, something more than its dizzying array of 13 sizes - a story, a soul, a tricolore heart. Placebo? Maybe, but we’re sure it’s what gives a carbon Pinarello a distinctly Italian feel, one we wouldn’t ever eschew.

Front end of the 2016 Dogma F8

2016 Pinarello Dogma F8 Downtube

This is the bike that makes us want to go fast and go long, and this year, the emperor gets new clothes with all-new 2016 color schemes available now at Above Category. Our decade-long relationship with the brand stretches back to the days of Pinarello’s first carbon frame, the F4:13, and the Dogma’s infamous magnesium predecessor. Being front-and-center for Pinarello’s resurgence to the top of the production bike pyramid has ingrained in us a strikingly deep understanding of the brand. We’ll be making yet another trip this month to visit with the brand at their headquarters in Treviso, Italy to experience the passion, engineering, and roads where their renowned machines are conceived. Keep your eyes on our newsletters, the blog and Instagram in the coming weeks for exclusive content from the heart of Italian cycling as we get up close with the personalities and history of one of the most storied cycling companies in existence.

Chad and Fausto Pinarello riding

Fully built Dogma F8 with Campagnolo

We have a wide variety of sizes in 2016 colors immediately available, on offer in curated house builds, punctuated by Campagnolo’s premium groupsets, wheels, and Fi:zik cockpits. Stock paint not your thing? For the adventurous, we’re able to get our hands on European-only color schemes, viewable on Pinarello’s global website. And, for the truly intrepid, we’re offering a special full-custom paint option through Spectrum Powderworks, where our stunning white F8 recently returned from. Drop us a line today to get yours on order before they’re gone.

Custom Painted Above Category Pinarello Dogma F8


Pinarello’s Dogma F8, 2016 Edition

The Dogma K8S - A Future Classics Classic