• Anthony Little
  • August 25, 2010
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Wow, I can't believe that it's been over a week since our last update. I did promise some reviews and some insights from Tony's BMC Switzerland/TDF trip and some more Pinarello 2011 shots. And I do realize that I've failed miserably on all accounts. Not being one for excuses I won't give (too m)any. Basically we've been having too much fun and I've been too wiped to sit down and keep everyone updated on all the new stuff happening here. That will change soon (?) hopefully even this week as we really do have some great things going on! So be patient and keep checking in and hopefully every time you come back there will be something new to look at. Oh, and a huge THANK YOU for all of your support, it has been overwhelming and very appreciated!
For now, he is one of my excuses for not updating; Tony L. and I spent the last two days up in the desert at a track day school run by Keigwins at the Track. If you are not into motorcycles, sorry, but we should have more bicycle content back up maybe as soon as tonight (??)!

That's me with the Ducati 848. You may recognize it as it's been sitting in the shop showroom for the past year or longer. It's been a while since I've been back to the track and was stoked that I had company!

And Tony L. filling up the fire breathing 749R w/ some 100 octane.

Our camp for the two days. Both days were over 100 degrees, but it was in the desert, so a dry heat right? This is right on turn one of Thunder Hill Raceway.

Dusk on turn one, Monday night.

Tony kitted up and ready to hit our first session on Monday. Believe it or not, being wrapped in thick leather a base layer, back protector, heavy boots and a big helmet is not the most comfortable thing in 100+ degrees. Only one thing could really cool you down, going fast...

There were about 60 riders here, and this is the one shot of Tony and I together. This is turn two, an eternal 180 degree fast corner. Yes, this is Tony passing me on the outside. Was a common theme for the two days! As was the fact that we both went off track a few times, I think Tony did some cross country trips about 6 times to my two...

Hey Ducati, if you guys are looking for a third rider for next years MotoGP squad beside Rossi and Hayden, my contact info is on our main website...

Tony at full lean on turn six I believe. It was so freaking hot out that his helmet was melting and falling apart!

Coming down the steep hill after turn 5 into the off camber turn 5a...

Alright, back to bicycles soon! Thanks for reading!